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The leading online exhibition for Grinding Machinery with suppliers from around the world displayinga broad spectrum of grinding machines, applications and solutions.

The Best Grinding Solutions are all Collected Here!

GRINDTEC is supported by one of the largest machinery media in Taiwan whose team members have been working for over three decades in the machine tool industry. With the bounteous resources in the world industry across different sectors, GRINDTEC is able to offer visitors the best grinding solutions based on visitors’ corresponding working environment.

Professional Machinery Site with Smart Arrangement

Based on our smart classification and dynamic management, our arrangement of the GRINDTEC site covers a series of comprehensive grinding solutions for all kinds of manufacturing conditions, especially in precision processing. Our partner suppliers come from a wide range, such as surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, roll grinding, form grinding, grinding wheel material, and other types of complicated grinding machinery.

Most importantly, our suppliers are able to provide customers with turnkey solutions in precision processing according to their production schedules, so users not only purchase what they need for now but also acquire advanced technology that they would need in the future. GRINDTEC is a site that leads the fashion in the B2B area in the field of machinery and keeps its pace in turnkey solution development, offering industrial solutions to buyers.

Broad Application Cases in Grinding

Besides numerous engineering plannings, we also show people about many application cases in the industry, which let potential buyers visualize how their similar ideas are realized in practical ways. Since we have facilitated many business deals throughout these years, there are many successful industrial cases that we have observed and collected helpful to buyers across different industrial sectors.

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